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Bottom line, and no doubt about it it works!! He has had this problem for a few yrs. A friend of the family recommended your product and it has been a life saver for my son. He has used the treatment for the past 9 months and his face looks the best it ever has.

Your product has tremendously helped my sons self confidence, you know how it can be for a teenager. My sons name is bobby, by the way. I want to thank you for helping my son thru this very difficult time and i also want to thank you for helping him be a happier teenager. Thank you so much.

It helps some of my pimples to completly go away by the morning and some to almost go away by the morning and other ones it helps to decrease the size and redness.

It does sting sometimes but its well worth it! I apply it at night and the next morning there is not a hint of oil on my skin. On a par with accutane. It even helps lessen scarring because the salcylic acid is basically burning away the top layer of your skin.

People have mentioned that it stings, which is only true on areas of acne that have open blemishes. When applied to areas of skin that are unbroken, no stinging should occur.

Zits are almost gone by the am but, it does sting a bit. Watch out though, this stuff can sting! After the first day, there was a marked improvement, and after 5 days, his skin is completely clear! I'm suffering from cystic acne for 2 yrs. It was very frustrating, but thank god, this is an answered prayer for me! It even helps dry up some small warts. My twenty some year old daughter's acne has cleared up and cleared up in a very short time and she has tried everything, prescription and over- the- counter.

Since results werent as we had hoped, i lnew it was time to begin looking for something else. But, before resorting to trying the antibiotics my husband had used as a teen for his severe cystic acne which can cause serious hormonal and other side lasting effects , or other prescriptions the dermatologist wanted him to try, i began looking for more natural options.

After finding accutane it spunded too good to be true, but i bought a bottle for my 19 yr old son to try. After his first night's use of accutane on his - red and swollen blemishes, he and i were both thoroughly surprised at the results in the morning!!

With accutane, my son has experienced no negative side effects. In fact, he's been persistently asking me to order him another bottle so that he has a back up when his current bottle runs out. And he loves it! I love sharing great - finds' with those i love and care about. I've tried quite a few drying lotions that claim to work well overnight but none really delivered. This really does what it claims. Most acne treatments kill my skin because they dry out the dry parts too much.

I'm also allergic to benzoyl peroxide, so that's not an option for me. It is very drying though. The instructions say to only use it once a day, and i definitely wouldn't use it more than that. I dabbed a tiny amount on a huge very painful cystic pimple at night, and it was a tenth of it's original size in the morning seriously it was barely noticible! I use it only as a spot treatment and it deflates the blemishes. Accutane drying lotion really does work for me without dryness or irritation.

It even dries up the huge pimples that never seem to erupt and are very painful. It is not an overnight miracle product, but it does work in 2- 3 days for me. Gets rid of pimples overnight and the - underground' painful monsters in a few days. I have very oily skin and i use this product about 1 a month all over my face.

It brings blackheads to the surface and sloughs off the top layer of skin gently. I follow up with the microdermabrasion by dr. Brandt, the ddf toner and overnight cream. Keeps my skin beautiful! It gets rid of those little bumps overnight and larger bumps in just about 2- 3 days. How Should a Patient Take Accutane? You can purchase the medicine at Canadian Accutane online pharmacy.

In this pharmacy you can discover for yourself quite a low isotretinoin price. If you buy the medicine without prescription you should turn to a medical specialist for a piece of advice on proper usage of the medicine and carefully read all the information on the label.

You should keep in mind that you can get a medicine supply for a month per purchase occasion only. When taking a medicine, drink a glassful of water to easily swallow a pill. Do not suck on it or crush. You can use a dose with food. Your symptoms may not improve at the very beginning of the treatment.

But if there is no effect in the long run at all, you should contact your doctor for instructions. After you buy Accutane online and begin the course of treatment, it is strongly recommended that your doctor prescribes regular tests of your blood and liver to make sure that the medicine is safe for you.

Accutane is for personal use only. Do not share the medicine with other people. Keep Accutane in a dry and dark place away from children and pets.

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